August 10, 2005

This Message Will Self-Destruct

So, I called the "we contact everyone who applies" people to set up an interview. The lady on the other end of the phone said very polite and normal things, but she had that New York/Connecticut annoying posh accent that I've only ever heard on TV. Kind of like Greg's mom from Dharma and Greg.

I thought she was being snooty, but she was just asking how to spell my name.

She asked me if I had any questions, and since the ad had been rather vague, it seemed only natural to ask what organization I was applying to work for.

"Uh (remember the snooty voice), we can't divulge that information."

Divulge that information? I just want to know who I'm interviewing with. Last thing I want is to show up and discover that I've applied to the KKK or some equally disturbing organization. What if it's some kind of top-secret scientific thing, where they ask unsuspecting Canadians (cuz we're polite) to come and "look after their children" who are really just genetically modified aliens. Or maybe it's a secret spy agency, who wants (again with the polite) Canadians to help them track down Columbian drug lords who are hiding out in Connecticut. That could explain the whole "must be able to do physical activity" stipulation they had. It'd make for an interesting blog, but I don't think I could do that kind of thing!

So then she asked if I was still interested, and I said yes.

The interview is August 30th somewhere in Halifax. She wouldn't tell me where, but said I'd be hearing from them. I'm hoping it's with one of those self-destructing cassette tapes, cuz I haven't seen a cassette tape in aeons.

Just a note to all you commenting types, if you click "other" in the pop-up window, you can type in your name and information. That way I know who you are, and don't have all these anonymous comments.

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Becca said...

Let me know if it's aliens. THat would be cool.