July 17, 2007

Who Am I?

Since linking my blog to my @HFX twitter account I suppose I should actually put something here that explains who I am. So here goes:


Born in the Annapolis Valley, raised in Stellarton, NS, attended Atlantic Baptist University in Moncton, worked in Paint Rock Valley, Alabama for 7 months, been working in Halifax as a Youth Care Worker for the past 3 years.

To Blog

I first started blogging in my last year of university - 2004 - on LiveJournal (if you can call that blogging). Originally it was just a way to keep in touch with friends. It eventually morphed into whatever you see here in 2005 just after I graduated from ABU. Again mostly as a way to keep in touch with friends and document the things that were happening in my life at the time. I found it especially helpful when I was working down South as I was often painfully homesick and getting comments from friends and family was very cathartic. It was a crazy stressful job, and taking time to blog was a good brain break.

I'm not in public relations, I don't have anything to promote, and I'm not trying to make money. I'm just writing stuff down and hoping someone enjoys it.

To Twit

I started @HFX because I wanted to get to know the city of Halifax better and using Twitter just for myself wasn't satisfying. It's been a few months and I've learned a lot about things I wouldn't have otherwise and I love that I get to hear from Haligonians of all walks of life on a daily basis. In the end, it's about getting to know people, and while that hasn't really happened yet, I at least know how it can.

I was anonymous at first because I didn't want it to become about self-promotion or getting more followers for selfish reasons. But since it's a conversation and not a monologue, I didn't feel right not saying who I was, especially since other people are so honest about their own lives.

I've been off the wagon lately and haven't kept it as city focused as I intend, but I will continue to share things I discover about this amazing place. There are also now a lot of great Tweeters talking about Halifax, and most of them are better than I am so we'll see where this all ends up!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy your visit and feel free to look around!

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