September 26, 2005

Yes ma'am! I's in Alabama!

I don't have much time to update, but here's a bullet list of things I've done recently:

- fallen in love with AC
- stumbled across a Third Day concert
- stumbled across a Dwight Yoakum concert
- watched Hemin's Hermits perform love potion number nine
- acquired "ma'am" as a permanent and frequent part of my vocab
- played pool in a cheesy southern dive
- attended a Baptist church with a full orchestra and a 100 voice choir
- hmm, who was that who lead worship?? Yeah, I think it was Ginny Owens
- lived through my first Tornado warning (complete with sirens)
- saw cotton fields for the first time

ah forget the list thing, I can't remember have of the stuff I've done in the past few days! I wanted to do a final post from Canada but mom was moving apartments and the phone line wasn't hooked up.

I plan to do plenty more updates once I get regular access to a computer, which will hopefully be soon.

It's amazingly beautiful here! Especially once you hit Virginia. Why didn't I come here sooner!!!

My time is up so I'll be talkin' to y'all later. Buh bye!


Shannon said...

Hey Lovie - don't get too comfy - you forget to come home and visit!!

I miss you tons!

Ciao Ciao

richmanwisco said...

don't forget to git yerself a '82 ford pickup truck with the shotgun in the window rack.