December 31, 2005

I lied

So it turns out that I did get a break today. But tomorrow that'll be a big negative on the code 11 (that's what we in the biz call a break).

2006... that's... well, tomorrow. Everything that doesn't start with nineteen-ninety seems bizarre to me, even though that was 6 years ago. It's also bizarre how quickly things can change in a year. How the heck did I end up in Alabama? And why the heck is it so expensive to fly back? Who knows when I'll get home... they don't seem to worried about giving people time off.

You'd think that with an average turn over rate of 3 months that they'd realize time off is pretty important.

We got a memo the other day telling us that it is our job to remind supervisers when we haven't gotten a break, and if we fail to do so it's our fault we aren't getting breaks. Ha! We laughed about that for a good half hour.

The girls are less evil these days. The afternoons seem to be the worst time of day. If we could just nap, things would go a whole bunch smoother.

Happy New Year ladies and gentlemen. I doubt that I'll be awake to see it in, but I'm fairly confident that it'll happen without me.


PS I'm about as tired of talking about work as you are hearing about it, unfourtunately that's about all there is to life at the moment! My goal for the next off-shift is to find some spice. Though that may just mean another trip to Wal-Mart...

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