February 22, 2006

And Another Thing

The thing about dinner at my grandparents house is the conversation.

It's really hard to do any kind of conversing when the people you're eating with have defined their lives by what they do, and are now retired, lift heavy things with a truck, or wash dishes in a hospital.

The TV was blasting in the other room. The clock with the perpetuating tick marked every second of my life that was sucked into that meal.

My grandfather spends his days doing crossword puzzles and scanning the obituary page and card party announcements. My grandmother... plans meals. All day. With obsession. This kind of went awry this evening when the lasagna she had intended to heat up for the five of us was actually a single serving (objects in mirror are closer tha nthey appear). And the pizza that was going to also feed us turned out to be of the mini variety.

I haven't been there in 5 months and nothing has changed. It's like Passions (the soap opera). I haven't watched in two years but when I catch a scene or two I find that little has changed in the story line.

I'm out of things to do there. I'm at a loss as to how I'm supposed to visit with them anymore. My dad is supposed to be getting chickens in the spring... that'll give me something to occupy my time.

And another thing, my grandmother suggested that we use some of the small islands that line the eastern seaboard and stick all the criminals on them. That and the kids I work with just needed to be spanked more.

I have no words.

So other than that, I am now indeed in Canada. But much to my disappointment, I am now a visitor because I've been in the states for almost 6 months. I'm not sure if that makes me an ex-pat or what, but I think that the custums lady could tell I was a little taken aback by my relative unCanadianness... *sigh*

And another thing... I need to get to Moncton!!! Ma can drive me tomorrow morning, but I won't have a way back. So I'm going to look into renting a car tomorrow, going to Moncton, coming back to Truro Friday to stay with Shannon and then back here Saturday. I think that's the best I can do, though I'd like to have gone shopping here, but who needs more stuff!

If I don't make it, the only consolation I can give myself is that I'll be coming back in a monthish, so it really won't be that much longer of a wait.

Sorry Brandy, it's not much of an update, but I'm sleepy. But anyway, now it's your turn. And does any one else think that Emily is just being lazy? Just because you have a newborn to take care of does not mean that you have the right to neglect the people that matter to you most. Can I get an amen?



Brandy said...


Do it, come to moncton, I don't want you to spend all of your money renting a car to get here though. I thought you were gonna come with Shannon or at least that was the plan I understood. Anyways let me know what your plan is, we can do dinner and stuff, it'll be super. Let Ruth know your decision so she can come too!
Oh by the way Corrie had her 2nd baby last night at 2:00... a little boy, he has no name yet, but they are pretty sure it's gonna be Hayden, if his dad could just decide! Yaaahhh a new friend for Hailey!
K, let me know the plan.

Ruth said...

Yeah, Evelyn, let me know the plan! I'd really love to see you! And it would be awesome if Shannon could come too! It would be just like old times... sorta..

I'm gonna be in Moncton (passing through) tomorrow late afternoonish, so let me know if you'll be there then.

I gotta get to work here, or I'm gonna get in trouble...

Let me know.

P.S. I have a surprise for you girls! I have succumbed... Check it out and let me know what you think :)

Emily said...

hey!!!!!!!!! (that was a whiny hey, not a hi hey) :)
I'm here.. I updated.. I'm trying to master the art of feeding a baby and typing on the computer... this comment has been typed entirely left handed--talk about awkward....
have fun in monkey-town... wish I was there with y'all

Carol said...

Hi Evelyn! I followed Ruth's link. Glad you are all getting together.

Hey Emily! (Hi hey) Nursing while surfing is commonly known as nurfing. :-)