February 17, 2006

Employee of the Month

Remember that Simpsons episode when Burns is awarding the employee of the month thing, and instead of Homer he gives it to that glowing green rod?

Well, yesterday, that glowing green rod was me.

Apparantly suffering through months of verbal abuse makes me entitled to a $25 gift card to Walmart and a parking space (how ironic... or is it ironic? I dunno, but the word sounds good).

One of our more challenging residents returned from the hospital, where she had been undergoing assessments for the past couple of weeks. The conclusion: in order to get her through this program she needs to be on a lot of drugs. And she is. Every four hours I'm giving her a dose of seroquel which keeps her in a sleepy daze, permanently. Today was a free day so we watched movies the majority of the time. She was dead asleep for most of the day, I had to wake her up to give her the meds.

I hated it. But I have to do it, or I'll get in a lot of trouble.

If you need to be medicated in order to behave enough to get through the program, you need to be in another program.

My vision would be for there to exist a place where kids can go and work through their problems without being medicated into a semi-coma, and still be safe. But then they'd defintely have trouble keeping staff....


I'm flying home on Monday, and I must say that I am just a wee bit excited. I've been taking pictures so you can have a better idea of what the heck I've been doing with my time.

I'll be arriving 5 months to the day since I left Canada.

And I'm just going to stop now while I'm ahead, as I can feel the rambling coming on. That and I have much more exciting news that I would like to post about. So if you'll excuse me, I'll go get that done.

See you soon!

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