March 22, 2006

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My time in the south is winding down, and I'm not feeling the general nostalgia that I normally feel when something I've spent a lot of time doing is about to end...

It's probably the result of various factors. Not having a life... the job being a bizarre and strange kind of hard. I keep getting thoughts such as, "Was I ever even here?", "Do I really know these people?", etc. etc. It's just bizarre.

I'm worried about going home. I'm worried I won't find another job, I'll be stuck somewhere with no hope or future, and I'll gradually lose my ambition to not be stuck at home. If I could have something before I flew home it'd be great. But as of right now it looks like I'll be there at least a week or two full of worry and wondering if it was stupid of me to turn down the Georgia job.

I just don't want to be in the South anymore. I do an I don't. It's a toss-up. Sure, it's pretty, people are generally nice. But I find the racism rather trying. Everyone I've met here (except the Canadians and the South African) are rascist, to varying degrees. Churches are either black or white. I've been told that white people smell like wet dogs when it rains. All white people do this, all black people do that. Many times when I have some interaction with someone who isn't white I worry that they think that something I'm doing is "Racist", or wonder what they think of me (and my colour).

It just wears on a person, and I don't like it.

And yes Justin, it is Connect Four. I discovered that when I went back to work. And as a further note, I've decided to conquer my number/pattern ineptitude and start trying Sodoku. I started seeing it around, and it appears to be quite the thing. I tried it the other day and sprained a brain muscle, but I went out and bought a book today and a fancy pencil.

Multiple intelligence, here I come!


Emily said...

watch out Soduku is incredibly addictive!! I went through a phase around Christmas-time. I feel so pleased with myself when I complete one!
Do they really say that wet white people smell like wet dogs??

Holly said...

I LOVE sudokus!! And, as Emily said, they really are addictive. Brandy even got addicted.

Wow, the whole wet dog thing might explain why I don't like hanging out with white people when it's raining... It's all becoming so clear...

Shannon said...

I've neber tried one - - should I ??

i'm glad you are - jsut let me know if it's something i'd be good at...

Love ya - can't wait to see you -

oh What is the date of your arrival?

Anonymous said...

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I love you,

have fun in Jackson


Ruth said...

What is Sodoku?

I used to play Connect Four all the time with the boys next door when I was little. I loved that game. I was a little confused when you called it Count 4.

Brandy said...

Can I just say that Suduko is AWESOME.... I even have a little book of em.... I do at least 2 or 3 a day.... sometimes I wanna take them to class cause they are so fun....
Everyone needs to try one.
Thats all.