April 29, 2006

Oh yeah... Nashville

I may have forgotten to mention that I did indeed get to spend the day in Nashville on Tuesday when we went to pick up my meemaw at the airport (translation, grandmother).

First we hit the Country Music Hall of Fame, where I was surprised to learn that both Elvis and Ray Charles are members... Plus Hank Snow, a famous Nova Scotia native, but not Anne Murray, though I did see a gold record of hers.

The Gold Record Wall

Later we went to the Opry Mills Mall. Amazing. Stellar. Awesome. The coolest mall I've ever had the pleasure of getting lost in. They had an aquarium restaurant, where you could dine with the sharks (safely behind 4 inch thick glass... the sharks, not you) and a rainforest cafe with moving elephants. Plus! A Build-a-Bear store, where I naturally built a bear. I named it "Sister Bear", but I'm not telling you who I made it for! :)

We also happened across a "red hat" ladies convention. You know, they where the red hats and the purple outfits? I had always seen the souvenir things but I didn't believe that they were real people too. But, yes Virginia, there are red hat ladies.

So that was my day. Very enjoyable, but again, there were no stories of significant entertainment value... We're heading back again on Tuesday when I fly home to head back to the mall and take a boat ride in a hotel. Then it's back to Nova Scotia for more fun and excitement... or sleep whichever's cheaper.


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Holly said...

You had never seen the Mad Hatters? Man I see those crazy women everywhere. One time Justin and I were at Swiss Chalet and they seated us right beside a whole herd of them. They were SO loud, we found it a bit difficult to enjoy our romantic meal for two. Meh, what can ya do?

I still want to see the rest of the zoo pics! So put em up! Please.