May 13, 2006

Yardsales, mmmmmm

It all started last weekend while visiting Shannon.

After deciding to spend our Saturday morning perusing the used treasures of Truro, we mapped out a route packed up her mother and hit the road a mere 3 hours after dawn. The first two stops proved to be the most fruitful. I came home with a citrus juicer ($1), a hot glue gun ($.50) and! the big hit... 4 pieces of apple green tupperware circa the 1980's ($3.50), including the measuring cups and spoons.

The tupperware, by the way, is amazing and I am now a collector. I haven't found anything else yet, but I still have hope (I did however, discover a measuring scoop in mom's drawer. Kind of random since she was a bigger fan of the yellow in the 80's).

Anyway. I convinced my brother and his fiance to come in for the day so we could hit the yardsales in D-Town. I mapped us a route and hopped to get an early start. The only problem was that I forgot to mention the early start part to bro, so we didn't head out until 11 am... rather disappointing.

All was not lost, fourtunately, and I came home with a blender and hand-mixer ($20), another juicer, but for more than just citrus ($4), a fairly nicve sauce pan ($1), and a crepe maker ($.50). I got everything I was looking for, minus the tupperware. My goal is to have an apartment completely outfitted with yard sale finds, but the trick is in having things that look nice. So far my main focus has been kitchen gear, as I won't be able to persue the furniture part or much else until I get closer to having an apartment.

The goal, ultimately, is to get cheap things and make them look nice. Re-finishing, fixing, painting... It's going to be awesome! Thankfully, I already have a bed, because that would be a wee bit sketchy.

And! You'll never guess what I've been up to! Yesterday I made some perfect oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, some oatmeal pone (like oatmeal, except grosser) and the best porkchops ever. I even made my own barbeque sauce. Oh, and thanks to the almost brand new blender, we had awesome milkshakes for desert!

Who'd a thunk it?

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