June 04, 2006

Shannnon, this one's for you

As you may have noticed in the comments section of the previous post, Shannon referenced a vent above the bathroom door.

It's not so much a vent as a big hole. The end result is a not so private bathroom, and I did get a picture of it before I left. The toilet is also kind of loose so it makes a lot of noise when sat upon. Bathrooms are kind of an "open" thing at Grandma's anyway; when they were redoing it a thousand years ago, the option she gave her teenage grandchildren was a chamber pot.

I remembered another one of those wildernessy survival books I read as a kid. I can't believe I forgot it... The Hatchet! It was a pretty good movie too.

1 comment:

Shannon said...


I peed there... It's like a little piece of my history... Ahhh woot!
Good times good times...

Love you Ev'y Ciao