July 29, 2006

I have a brain infection

I went to the mall to get a jug of milk tonight after work and I ended up with an ice cappucino from Tim Horton's.

I realized this when I was crossing the street, and then I was almost hit by a bus. The very same bus that I take to work almost every day. And while I was contemplating the irony of this, I was almost hit by an SUV.

I also bought sinus meds today, because I think that's what the problem is.

Now, about that little picture to the left. During one over night shift while we were working hard/watching TV, my co-worker turned on a show I'd never seen nor heard of before called "Higher Ground". You may or may not have heard of it, but basically it's about an outdoor wildernessy program from troubled youth, and it shares a lot of similarities with my old job. Well... not really my old job, since I was with young offenders, but at least with the long-term program that shared our little valley.

The main difference would have to be that boys and girls were kept completely separate. I don't know how effective this was since they usually just started liking each other... that kind of teenage energy is like lightening... it's gotta go somewhere!

The "star" of this show looked really familiar, but I couldn't place him... apparently it's Joe Lando of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman fame. The show is on the Vision network here, if you're interested (and really, who wouldn't be?).

Ok... back to Reba and feeling yucky.


Shannon said...

well It's sad for me to say - - but I've actually watched Higher Ground... And Dr. Quinn - - and Joe Lando - yeah he's hot... in an Old Guy sorta way...

Holly said...

Never heard of that show, but I do remember him from Dr. Quinn although I wouldn't have been able to place him either.

Please look both ways before you cross the street next time ok?

Ruth said...

I went through the exact same revelation about 10 years or so ago when that show Higher Ground first came on. The guy looked so familiar, and I finally placed him as Sully from Dr. Quinn. The "new" show Higher Ground didn't turn out to be as good as Dr. Quinn, so I stopped watching it. It's hard to believe shows like that are still on! That was ages ago.