July 16, 2006

My birthday is over and the cake is melting...

Well aren't birthdays just so darn fun!

It was a good couple o' days. The Skafte's, the Blunden's, ma and myself went out for supper Saturday night after work, and then returned to the stinky apartment for a ice cream cake in the shape of a log.

Kudos to Shannon for correcting me. I said something about "cutting a log", but I learned that dropping the kids off at the pool is more commonly referred to as "pinching a log".

The more you know.

As for presents, I got an awesome iPod in the shape of a three person dome tent. I just haven't figured out where the headphones go, or how to download the music yet, but I'm still pretty excited about it...

Ok! You caught me! It's not really an iPod at all, but it most certainly is a three-person dome tent, and I'm quite excited about it. So excited in fact that we set it up right in the middle of the living room (it was a little bigger than we thought it'd be, but the cat thought it was cool). So, who wants to go camping? How about the 10-13th in Miramichi? I hear there's a Scottish wedding happenin', we should check it out.

That's it! That's all I have to say! Someday soon we may be moving into the 21st century and hooking up to high speed. That'll make uploading pictures and what not much easier (i.e. pics of the amazingly awesome yard sale junk I fill the storage closet with, I'm sure it'll all be very useful once I move...). And Holly won't get so mad at my answering machine.

I'm off tomorrow so I'm going to fill the day with wonderful, magical things like grocery shopping and present buying. Plus, it's dollar daze at Zellers, what more could a person want!

Wait, I know!


richmanwisco said...

Happy Birfday!

And it might just be an iPod. Prolly just needs batteries.

Shannon said...

HAppy B-Day to you (yesterday)

Holly said...

Yay for high speed!!! As much as I love listening to your Mom's voice over and over again every time I call, I will love actually getting an answer so much better! Yay! Go high speed!

Anonymous said...

YOu have high speed????