August 31, 2006

No Cross Dressers Here... Sorry

Recently Google has been sending som rather random hits my way. In fact, I am the number two hit for "bringin' sexy back", because I am... bringing it back... after all...

To the dude (I assume dude) who was searching for cross-dresser pics, sorry, try next door. To all those looking for apple green tupperare: back off, it's mine.

To my mother: just remember the dang address already! Every day you do the search. It's not that hard. Geesh.

And dang it, I have forgotten the other ones. They were funny too. So I'll just talk about my teeth.

Owie! It hurts! I think the dentist 'accidentally' stabbed me in the cheeck, cuz it hurts, and I'm pretty sure the tooth wasn't really attached there. The hygenist said I wouldn't miss it, but I do. We were close.

Today is the day when I conquer the laundry, the dishes, and the generally dishevelled appearance of my apartment. Stay tuned, there will be pictures.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hey i do the search cause i'm at work and i don't want them to know i go there.

It's all part of my master plan to disguise my internate whereabouts from the techs who sit in the windowless room and check where everyone goes in the run of a day.