November 29, 2006

Why Can't We Be Friends?

"if you dont want to listen to the music dont, but dont bash the people that make the music. when you make even a millionth of what they make, then maybe you can talk, until then dont bother." - comment from "Anonymous" regarding "The Beat of Halifax"

Dear Anon Y. Mous,

Let me just start by thanking you for being my first "critical" comment (I use the word 'critical' loosely). I wouldn't normally choose to reply, for fear of seeming argumentative. But throwing caution to the wind, here I go.

Firstly, I don't recall bashing the "musicians" (I use the word 'musicians' loosely) that create the music played on Z103.5, I merely pointed out their erroneous pronunciation of the letter "Z". Secondly, though many times I would love to not listen to that particular brand of pop, I'm unable to, where the youth I work with tend to listen to it at full volume 24/7. And finally, if one's right to call attention to the ills of society was related to their financial status, then we'd be in a sorry state. Not that it isn't already related... but at least now it's passive and not systemic.

And besides, maybe I'm richer than you are, and then by your own argument you would be unjustified in making your comment. There's not a good chance, I do work in the non-profit sector... but still! Maybe that's why you stayed anonymous?

Anyway, it's all very silly, but I like being right so I naturally had to rebut (tee hee, I said butt). And now my shift is over so I'm going to have to go now anyway. Peace out.

Yours truly,
F to the C


richmanwisco said...

you go girl!

(snaps three times in a z pattern)

Shannon said...

Oh Ev'y i love it ... you are so very right -

I love that Annon. Sorta just pulled the comment out of his butt...(i said butt too). and it has nothign to do with the whole zed zee thing.

Emily said...

Forget this non-profit stuff you should right a thesis, you're an amazing writer!

Holly (FC is my hero) said...

Well if you're not making more money than Mr. or Mrs. Mous, you're at least more intelligent. (Or at least you sound more intelligent...)

And I agree with Emily, I love reading your blog just because of the way you write things. FC you rock.

Emily said...

Wow! Controversy on Evelyn's blog!! That is so un-like Evelyn!!

I get excited easily