December 28, 2006

The Down-Lo

It's another quiet day here at the "office", and I'm a little on the bored side. It's either off the wall crazy or uber boring 'roun he-ah. I guess I kind of prefer it when teenagers are throwing things at me and calling me names... it adds some spice to life.

Soooo, what did everyone get?

I did pretty good this year, no bizarre presents, and no cheap smelly bath stuff (does anyone really use that??). I got some pots, a frying pan, lovely dishes from Corelle, a nifty hand-mixer, a tool box, and my personal fav: the new Justin Timberlake CD. Sure... it was a joke present, but I like being able to listen to SexyBack whenever I want (holla!).

Christmas was a little backwards this year, mom and I decorated the tree Christmas day night. And it was a lovely tree. The cats particularly loved it, which is why it was lying on the floor when we got home later that day...

I visited a bit in the valley, but I had to leave in time to work Boxing Day night. I was so tired I don't know how I managed to stay awake the whole night. I went to sleep at 7am the next day and didn't get up until 8pm.

In other news, I recently signed up for Facebook. Because if there's anything I need it's another way to waste time... Speaking of wasting time, I just changed to Aliant from Eastlink (sorry Shannon). It's cheaper even with the digital cable.

Well anyway, this is turning into a retrospective to-do list, so I'm going to go attempt some "youth care", since that's what they pay me for.


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Shannon said...

Aliant... I can forgive you but David - - this may take some time to heal.

as for Facebook - - Tell me about it - all I know is that it wanted my password for my email account - which means everyone in my addy book would be contacted needlessly... and then some computer somewhere has access to my account - at lest that is what it feels like - I could just be paranoid - Let me know huh?