January 13, 2007


I guess this is what they call the "winter blues", but as a co-worker pointed out tonight, it's kind of a missed place blues since there isn't actually any winter to speak of... I went to the grocery store last night with just a light sweater and I even wore the crocs, cuz that's how warm it was.

Being humdrum, I can't really think of anything interesting to write about. I worked 52 hours this week and 48 the next, so that pretty much consumes my time. The most exciting news is that I'm going to get "foils" done on the 18th, and I'm feeling a little funky... I just really hope that my funky and the hairdresser's funky match up, I'm not a big fan of orange hair.

The cats are doing fine, thanks for asking.

I've been in a "New Year's Resolution" state of mind lately, but I never actually came up with a list. But I did decide to quit diet pepsi (and caffeine altogether) because I was drinking waaaaaay too much of it, and caffeine can't be good for the shift worker... And I've limited eating out/junk food to only twice since Jan 1, and that is also quite impressive. This may however, all explain why I've had a headache for a week. They say it's worth it in the end??

I'm also excited that there will be schedule changes coming up, and I'm a gonna try and off-load my Sunday shifts so I can finally go to church again... it's been a while.

And if you, like me, need some giggles, you really, really, really should go here. I super promise that it will totally be worth it. Honestly. You can't watch it and not start giggling. Especially you Emily... and some of you might ink. I promise.

You should also rent "Little Miss Sunshine". Cuz it's a low budget kind of funny, and that's special.

I'm working again tomorrow (of course you are! don't you ever go home?), so maybe I'll make a nice little creative post to get those synapses firing again. Anyone reading War and Peace? I haven't in a couple of days... but I have 6 months! That's tons of time!


Shannon said...

Hey Ev'y
so I miss you - I almost forget what you look like... so when can we get together... I might be drivign to the airport on Sunday - David and I might meet a friend there... and then maybe we can head to your place.. are you working?
let me know!

Emily said...

you're right... I died! And Miriam thought it was kinda funny too!