February 18, 2007

Give It a Go

Right now everything is quiet, blogging may happen. But someone put eggshells on the floor here tonight so who knows what things will be like in 5 minutes...

A few things have happened recently.

One, a few weeks back I had made arrangements with my brother the truck to help me pick-up a chair that I had my eye on via Kijiji. (Go, it's wonderful for the yardsaler inhibited by winter). Long story short he doesn't show up when we had arranged, nor does he call. In fact, he had plum forgot. So I decided I wasn't going to call him, because I always have to call. For once one of my siblings should have to call me. Geesh.

Petty I know. But still... rivalry doesn't fade with age.

Anyway. I found out through mom that he had started wondering why I hadn't called and how many days it would be for me to call again. So now that I knew it was a competition there was no way I was going to call. In fact, I was so into winning that I called Dad the truck to come help me pick-up some furniture, though I would normally call Bro the truck since he works near my apartment. I was even planning on calling his wife and decidedly not talking to him.

So yesterday, he calls and leaves a message on my phone. And 30 seconds after I had come down from that euphoria of winning I called him back. Victory is sweet.

Yeah yeah. What if one of you died, wouldn't you feel bad, blah blah blah. Doesn't matter, I won.

And another thing. I bought a Papasan Chair or "bird's nest" chair as Ruth would call it and a china cabinet (they delivered it to me, which was nice of them). All through Kijiji. I love Kijiji. So far I've gotten two cats, a couch, a chair, a cabinet and sold my guitar. It's a subversive economy all on it's own!

Speaking of which, I went to the new Walmart today at the still developing Dartmouth Crossing. It's a big one, though not the super variety they have in the states. I'm not anti-Walmart or anything, I just like helping little people when the oppurtunity arises. This time however, it was not a pleasant experience. There were millions of people there. If you told me that Nova Scotia had showed up today I wouldn't be surprised. Maybe I was tired, but I just left in a non-good mood. Buying two under-bed storage containers and a laundry hamper cost me half an hour and a full paragraph of blogging.

Brother the truck came in today, as did Dad the truck and we went out to eat at Pizza Delight. Which was... delightfulish? It's always delightful when someone else pays... Anyway. Brother the truck is also Brother the dimwitted. He "dislocated" (I have my doubts) his knee while unloading hay this morning, and so to make it all better he decided to walk on it and continue throwing hay. Now not only can he not walk, but any movement was rather painful. The victory was all the more sweet.

At dinner we talked about how you would get a white cow, and the chicken that dad had to put down this morning because her egg-maker came out, though she had probably just laid the bigest egg he'd ever seen. And then brother talked about the time a cow's cow-maker came out and having to put it back in.

Then my lunch came out.

So the new schedule is out, and I only got one out of a possible two Sundays off per pay-period. I thought that since I only have three permanent shifts to fit into the schedule that it might be possible. At the very least I thought that working insane hours would be enough to get a little wiggle room... But as Oprah would say I should look at the positive, at least I can go to church every second week now instead of every second year. Sooner or later it will become increasingly evident that in order to keep me a nice happy Youth Care Worker I'm going to have to be firm in setting up those "I have a life so I can't work on this day" boundaries. Management likes happy YCW's, right?

In January I returned an envelope to ABU that they had sent me asking me to fill it with loads of cash. I thought to myself, "Self, how ironic is it that the school you had the grande oppurtunity of attending and spent $40000 to do so of money that wasn't yours, so you'll get to spend the next 17 years paying it off because of the stinking high interest, now wants you to send more money, only this time without the added benefit of higher education?"

Ironic indeed. Although sending money is fun, so I did it anyway. Then they sent me a thank-you note with another envelope. Which was nice of them, don't you think?

The real shame is I have so much to blog about during these stale periods of disblogtunity, but I don't get to do anything with it... I miss blogging on a regular basis. It's cathartic and who doesn't like talking about themselves?

Anyway, it's 2:00am and I'd love to be asleep... only I'm at work and am not allowed (not allowed to fulfill a basic human need at basic human hours? The dickens you say! It's a tough job but someone has to shorten their life span to do it).

In closing: What's your favorite meal to prepare? This is one of those areas in which I am severely lacking. I've lost my round-to-it, and even going to the grocery store is an insurmountable chore because I have no idea what to get. Maybe you should tell me your grocery list too. Yeah yeah! That'll be fun!


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