April 26, 2007

I Guess This Is Just Another Lost Cause

Pretty much my favorite movie scene ever. And I've never seen the whole movie...

I've lost my bloggervation as of late, sometimes a night shift will go by and I won't even think about it. I don't take this as an indication that I should stop altogether, but more that I should get a life. Yes indeedy, a life would be nice.

So I went to Moncton on the weekend. And in typical style I missed my bus to Truro where I was going to meet Shannon and David for the ride to Moncton. This time it wasn't my fault (a nice change) because the cab driver went to the wrong apartment building and was late picking me up. That's ok. I love paying $20 for cab rides that take me nowhere. Awesome. Fortunately my mother has no life either and saved me by driving from Kentville so I wouldn't miss the festivites.


I made it in time, we got to Moncton only about 45 minutes later than expected, and we "partied" like it was 1999. It is very nice to see old friends. I highly recommend it.

Sunday we went to Hilliside Baptist for the morning service, and as luck would have it the whole hour and a half was about Tithing. Now I'm a fan of tithing as much as the next person, it was a little much. The pastor began telling us that tithing is one of those things that Christians struggle with the most. In my humble opinion, tithing is one of those things that Christians struggle with the most not because it's a dificult concept but because nobody likes to give away their money. As far as things one struggles with I'd rather learn about sanctification, or forgiveness, or spiritual sacrifice. Heck, anything would do. Tithing is like eating healthy, you know you need to do it and why, you just don't. So please pastor! Challenge us to tithe, I'm up for it. I just don't need to hear about it for an hour and a half (complete with appropriate songs).

There were many gems from that sermon such as reference to the verse that says not to give out of feeling pressure (it was the Message version), and "Values are things we value".


But then, who am I to judge. I have lots of planks in my own eye that I should be more worried about.

So after church we hit the local buffet for some overeating. It's nice to go somewhere in a town that you're connected to, cuz you end up seeing people you know... Doesn't happen so much around Hali-Town. There were actually a lot of people in that little restaurant who played some little role in my past. It was nice and refreshing.

Then it was back to Brandy's where we spent the afternoon sitting around and listing off the things we could go do. "Let's go to the beach!", "Let's get a movie!", "Let's go for a walk!", Let's nap!". And in true ABU style we do none of those things and end up entertaining ourselves for a few hours.

In short: I can't wait to go camping in July.

My my. Like nausea, wanderlust comes in waves. I haven't gone anywhere worth writing home about in a very long, long, long time... The bus to Truro stopped at the airport and I was green with envy (OK, I've been to Truro, I guess that's exciting). The first time I flew I absolutely hated it, but now I love airports and would like to visit many more of them.

You know what else is good? Having a job that somewhat relates to what you studied and paid thousands of dollars for. I'm a fan.

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