July 24, 2007

My Family Tree Is Branching

I have this little bubble of exciting news, that I feel I have the right to blab to the entire world... However, I've been told that "it isn't my news to tell", etc. etc. and everything's pretty new. So I won't say anything directly, forcing you to infer and guess as to the hid(I'm)den mean(gonna)ing of m(be)y po(an)st, if that's alright wi(aunt!)th you.

Many night shifts I sit down thinking I should post something on Ye Olde Blog, but then the night slips away and I head home without sharing any of the minute, insigificant details of my life. Unfortunately, Facebook has taken away much of my wantitude, but I'll try and make an effort. Promise.

The other possible contributing factor is that nothing happens and I have very little to say about the things that do. The most exciting events of the past few days are fairly simple, I finally went to see Pirates of the Caribean toute en seule Saturday night, and thoroughly enjoyed meself. There were actually a few people who had come alone, which made me feel better. The movie's been out since May so I figured the theatre would be empty, but there were quite a few people there. So, after jumping that first solo-movie going hurdle, I have plans to do it again.

Then Sunday, I went to church. Shocking I know. It's only been what? Two years? No reason really, I've just worked a lot of Sundays or Saturday nights, and sometimes it's tricky to get there. But I need to redevelop my churchy social group so I made the trip. As far as churchy social groups go I probably didn't pick the right place; it appears that I was it for youngish types... I also wasn't overly impressed with the pastor's speaking so I may still be in the search for a place to go. This is about the only time I wish I had a car... it would definitely expand the possibilities.

I said I'd post camping pictures, but that's beaucoup de work, and they're all up over a facebook if you're that interested.

In the future tense, I'm heading to Margaretsville on September 29th to see Joel Plaskett at the Evergreen Theatre. The Evergreen is a converted 19th century church in the small fishing village that was and is home to my post-Ireland ancestors. It holds about 100 people which makes for a fairly intimate atmosphere. I've never taken in a concert that, but had to book tickets when I heard someone I moderately enjoy will be playing there. I am highly anticipating the awesomeness, and if you're in the area I implore you to book tickets... I don't think they're that expensive.

Oops, it's sold out. Maybe there'll be scalpers?

Alright, I'm out of ideas.


Vanda said...

Congratulation Aunty, and to the new mum and dad.

We're baby sitting our great neice for 10 days, oh man I'm exhausted LOL.

richmanwisco said...

well congratulations on the (almost secret) happy news!

Ruth said...

I'm not sure if I should say congratulations or not. So, non-congratulations! I bet you are very excited about something.. but I don't know what that would ever be.

Shannon said...

I knew she was tired for a reason - and that is why you couldn't get your chair... ahem - I mean gee I wonder why she was so tired.. you know that day James was to bring the chair by...