November 10, 2007

Je suis, uh, who? Where? zzzzzzzz

I am sooooooo tired. My stay awake muslce must be really strong, because there's no sensible reason behind my still being awake. I've worked 76 hours in the past 7 days, and had only one night off in the mix there. I sleepy.

It's hard to sound not complainy, but I'm not complaining. I don't need you to believe me, but it's true. It's more a statement of shock than a "woe is me and my life, look at all these dern woes".

Tomorrow night is girls night. I don't know what the plans are or what we're doing, but I don't care because it's exciting none the less. I just hope someone calls and tells me when to wake up, because I don't think I'll be doing that naturally tomorrow... today? Whatever...

The benefit of doing all my hours in one week means I pretty much have a week off. I'm not scheduled until next Friday, but I'd like another one or two to get me over the 80 hours mark.

Sooooo, some more people I know had a baby. And he is very cute and hairy! I think they'll make very cool parents. And heaven knows we need more of them.

I'd like to end this by saying I'm going to bed, but I'm not, I still have two hours to go before I'm released onto the highways to drive blearily home. Instead I'm probably going to go have some frosted flakes... that'll keep me up.

ta ta

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