December 31, 2007

And so this is New Years

In the dying moments of 2007, I want to go over the highlights of this past year.

Uh... everything stayed the same?? This is probably the first year where nothing of particular significance happened. I had the same job all year, lived in the same city all year... I worked, I had a four day vacation, I.... Well that's about it! I don't mind though, really. I guess everyone needs a low key kind of year every now and again.

I'm not a big New Year's resolution person but this year I'm giving up two things. No more pop, and no more fast food. Don't laugh! I'm serious... it's happening.

I'm at work, it's 5 minutes to midnight and the girls are going out for a smoke. They'll probably miss the countdown, but that's alright. They have to go to bed afterwards anyway.

So Happy New Year kids! Who knows what'll happen in 2008... Maybe this time next year I'll be writing from the Arctic.

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richmanwisco said...

happy new year, e.