May 09, 2008

Dream a Dream

I've been dreaming about work a lot lately... I think it means I should take a vacation. But I probably won't, so there won't be any palm tree themed posts coming from this URL.

I went to see a movie tonight with a great friend who is greatly pregnant. It was fun, even though the movie wasn't that great despite the potential of the actors, and the driver got lost all the time.

I know it's great to be twenty and all, and to be able to celebrate your friends drunken birthday on a Thursday night, but can't they just be quiet from their door to the elevator? They can carry on once safely inside their apartment or the elevator... Then again, I'm already awake, I don't have to work until 7pm tomorrow and I'll probably be up for a few more hours. Why does it bother me that strangers are waking up other strangers? I wish I had a "let it go" button. In Youth Care speak I should be asking myself, "what need am I satisfying by this behaviour?" (the behaviour being worrying).

Anyway, I'm going to do what I do best, avoid Real and watch the real on TV. Where doctors sleep with each other a lot and solve complicated medical problems in one hour or less and simultaneously philosophize about the human condition. Sounds good to me.

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