June 10, 2008

Unavailable to Take Your Call

On the commute home from work the past few shifts I find myself composing elaborate facebook status updates, and it's driving me nuts. My inner monologue is permanently stuck in third person and I'm losing my grip. So I'm giving in and here are my thoughts in 3/4 time.

Evelyn wants a full-time position.
Evelyn is growing increasingly comfortable with her lameness.
Evelyn has no idea what to do next, in day, in year, in life.
Evelyn wants to go far, far away.
Evelyn knows she's losing it - she thought skydiving might be a good idea. It's not.
Evelyn is really good at her job. Deal wid it.
Evelyn is fine with being single and childless. It's nice and it's different than what everyone else is doing these days.
Evelyn thought she had more to say, but she doesn't.

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