July 14, 2008


So there's this blog called And You Know What Else and she does this thing called a Blogshare. I signed up, which means that on Wednesday, July 16, there will be an anonymous post here from someone neither you or I know. And I get to make an anonymous post on someone elses blog. Heck, maybe I'll even get a comment or two because Lord knows no one here likes to talk to me. Sheesh.

This sounded like a great idea until I had to come up with something to write... I'd like it to be relatively controversial, nothing too sketchy, just something I wouldn't be likely to post unanonymously. I'm working the overnight tonight, so hopefully I'll be inspired when the sleepies hit around 4am.


-R- said...

I am not sure what I am going to write about yet either!

Shannon said...

Hey Evy - I've been brainwashed by FAcebook -

i promise to write more int eh blogging - and I'll be doign the photo thing... it looks neato cool!!

See you soon!