July 23, 2008

The Trend Continues

I'm beat. Exhausted. Done in. Sleeeeeeeeepy.

But why? I worked today, but it wasn't particularly hard, challenging or difficult in any way. Still, I come home with the zombie glaze in my eyes.

I'm falling behind too. I have 10 or 12 books out from the library, which includes one by Margaret Atwood so Lord knows that'll take some energy to get through... and there's about 50 hours of unwatched TV sitting on my DVR, just waiting for me to revel in Deadliest Catches, So You Think You Can Dances and Third Watches (Man I love that show, and I'm coming to the end of the series, which makes me sad. Sure, Bosco isn't the nicest guy on the block, but I still loves 'im!).

I haven't gone to the gym lately... maybe that's it. I haven't been eating well lately either, which is most definitely it.

I'm going to try out the chiropracter on Friday, since I'm having neck issues. The kind of issues that prevent you from checking your blind spot so you just switch lanes hoping no one's there, and get beeped at cuz apparently the yuppie in the new grey Jetta was most definitely there and didn't want you and your '95 Camry sitting on her lap. But I digress.

I have this sore spot on my head... I didn't hit my head, so I was curious about it. Google curious, even. I googled "tender spot on head" and came up with a diagnosis relating to jaw issues. Which I totally have, and which are totally related to neck issues... I think it's all one vicious circle. So I kept rubbing the sore spot and now have nose and ear issues... and the ear issues have always been related to my short little neck, which has issues. See what I'm saying?

Dr. Google told me I have brain cancer, so I'm really hoping that's not it.

Maybe I should just sleep more often and google less. If only it were possible!

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