September 08, 2008

Don't Let Your Sons Grow Up to Be Cable Guys

At least not with Bell...

Oh how I wish there was more competition in Canada. Here you get to choose between two companies. Two! One is run completely by monkeys and it's been a while since I was with the other guys but I'm sure they at least consult with monkeys.

So I have Bell ExpressVu, but I want Eastlink digital cable because the satellite goes out too often and it's annoying. I called Bell to cancel, assuming there'd be issues. Sure! says chipper lady. You can cancel! That'll $249, please. I told her the reason I'm canceling, and she said that they can send a tech out to readjust the satellite, and if it's still a problem then they'd waive the fee.

So tech guy arrives today and tells me he can't readjust the satellite because he doesn't do that. Oh, and he's with the wrong contracted company. But, just for fun, he takes a look at the set up and sees that it's working fine, then it's not, then it is (it comes and goes, hence the problem). He calls Bell and tells them they sent the wrong guy. He presses another button or two, apologizes and leaves. Only now the satellite doesn't work at all. Thanks dude.

Bell calls me and tells me to call the contractor company I've always dealt with. Thank-you have a nice day. I call them, and another dude is coming over tomorrow at 4pm to take a look. Hopefully it'll at least get back to the level it was before the guy came over here and broke everything, that'd be swell.

I'm sure you find this as enthralling as I do...

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Shannon said...

Stupid Bell.

not that I'm Biased