September 14, 2008

looC s'tahT

So I was reading a book a little while ago (I know, shocker). I think it was Margaret Atwood's Robber Bride. I haven't finished it (again, a shocker) but I bought it at Value Village a few months ago, which is helpful since I had to break up with the library. Again.

Anyway. One of the characters could write forwards and backwards. For whatever reason, that came to mind sitting here at work, so I picked up two pens and went to town. Guess what! I can write backwards!

I doubt it is a sign of genius (is that appropriately self-deprecating? cuz if it turns out I AM a genius, I don't want to come off too gloaty), but I do wonder how common it is. Basically all I'm doing is writing forward with my right hand and mirroring it with my left. The left is a little squiggly but since it is the devil's hand, I've been ignoring it's potential and it's out of practice.

Can you write backwards with your non-normal writing hand? I think I've seen my mom do it, but I probably just put that in the crazy file and moved on. This was back when I thought typing without looking at the keyboard was crazy and she'd freak me out by looking in my direction whilst happily ICQing away.

Of course, she never used ICQ, but I enjoy the late 90's reference to the then new fangled social media.

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