November 04, 2008

I Give Up

So I'm a bit of a sucker for major world events. As much as I'd like to continue to casually ignore the american election, it's impossible, and it has impossibly sucked me in. I guess ignoring it for the past two years was a good idea, so I could save all my attention for the day that really counts.

Some thoughts will undoubtedly wander across my mind throughout the day, so maybe I'll add them to this post should I feel so motivated...

- I don't like the villification of the candidates. It's an old, old practice that goes back to the beginning of elections (ostracons, anyone?), but it's unhealthy, unhelpful and should go away. That however, would require the rewiring of the human psyche and that would take some effort. How many other presidential candidates have been labeled the antichrist? How many other candidates have been accused of hypnotising the electorate? There is nothing new under the sun...

- One fear I've heard is that if Obama is elected, then Christian morals will be threatened. Good! Bring it on! Since when has a little opression been a bad thing? Christianity started going downhill when the Roman emporer made it legal. What's the good of being faithful when it's easy? The government hardly has the track record of authentically defending Christian values. Maybe it'll force people to think about their faith instead of blindly accepting what they're told or what they grew up believing. Think! Come, let us reason together.

- I can't believe how differently the networks are covering this election... How you can say either side is unbiased it beyond me. You have to watch it all in order to get a full picture (I won't say accurate, that would be stretching things).

- I have a renewed appreciation for the Canadian electoral process. Not only is it shorter, but the actual physical process of voting makes more sense, is well thought out, and isn't nearly as prone to problems as the American procedure... People were voting using other people's backs... that's ridiculous!

- New word on the hate list: "problematical"

- Just got a facebook message from an Albania group I'm a member of congratulating Barack Obama on getting elected... I guess they are ahead of things there? Who knew?

- Alright, so he's really elected now. I don't care what side of fence you're on, it's still a significant moment and that speech was pretty darn good. I'm interested to see how the next four years play out!

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