November 28, 2008

'Member That Daily Thing?

Yeah, not so much. 

One thing I did learn about this blogging every day attempt is if you don't have anything to say, you shouldn't say anything. It was a solid 8 of 30 day effort, but in the end it was not to be. I just don't have that much to add to the blogosphere :)

It's also hard to get motivated to write for the 2 people who stop by every day looking for Jillian Jiggs Pigs. 

So did you hear that thing about a no-confidence vote in Parliament spurring another election?Like, next week? Please no. Please, please no. Just try to stick it out a liiiiitttle bit longer, mmmk? I don't want a coalition government of the three losingest parties. Canadians already voted, remember? You lost, move on. Give us a break already! 

Who wants election turmoil during economic turmoil? The less rocking-y the boat is, the better.

This week my goal is to form a proper post, since it's been a while. Who knows. 

1 comment:

richmanwisco said...

not to worry, i'm struggling with the same malaise. i subscribe to your feed, so i do read everything you post, even if i don't come here to read it. so soldier on!