March 20, 2009

My Gears, They are Grinding

That last post was my 400th. You're welcome. 

You know what bugs me? Why is it that when I go to a retail store and make  purchase, they want my personal information? I'm a people pleaser, so I generally oblige but I'm beginning to dislike the idea. They don't need my address, phone number and blood type in order for me to make a purchase. 

Do you tip at fast food places (not including Tim Horton's)?

I was at a Subway the other day and when I was paying with my debit card the option to leave a tip came up. This was at the point where normally you're putting in your pin so since I had already put in a couple of numbers before I noticed, I ended up tipping about 100% more than I had planned. I'm kind of annoyed that they did that... it's normal for a regular restaurant, but Subway? I haven't seen that anywhere else...

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heidikins said...

I always ask why they need my phone number/address...and most of the employees at the register have no idea. If they can't give me a good reason to give them my digits, I refuse. Or give them a 555 number.

Victoria's Secret uses your phone number to "send coupons" in the mail...if you've ever been on VS's mailing list you know that they send entire rainforests of trees every year in mostly naked-women catalogs.

Great post.