January 04, 2010

Good Food

photo credit: flickr user maistora

Months ago a friend of mine mentioned that there are organizations in Halifax that deliver organic food to your home. A blog post I read recently reminded me of this and I googled it. I gleefully discovered that it's true! You can have organic produce and a few other grocery items delivered to your home.

The company is called Home Grown Organic Foods and they operate a food delivery service as well as a store at 6188 Allan Street.

The user interface of the website isn't pretty, but it didn't take too long to figure out. I placed an order today and accidentally set delivery for Wednesday, but since I have no money, I meant to set it for Saturday. I sent off an email to the address given, so hopefully that all gets figured out.

I ordered the single size food box of fruit and veggies meant for one or two people ($30), plus a few other items like goat's milk yogurt and organic salsa. Hopefully it's not too much, though I'm going to have to significantly change my eating habits anyway if I decide to commit to a bi-monthly delivery. Which isn't a bad thing, not at all.

So we'll see what happens on Saturday morning! Or more importantly, what happens in the following days as I figure out what to do with good, healthy food.


sarah said...

Hello--I found you through Shannon. I get an organic veg box weekly and love it. I live in London (UK) but am from Halifax so I'm thrilled to hear that you found one there. I will start advertising it to my Haligonian friends. What did you think of the veg and what did you make with it?

Shannon J Skafte said...

Hey Ev'y, What did you get in your box? is it actually usable?

moneygram scam said...

Just what is the fascination with organic food, is this the latest fashion? How do you conclusively know they've not used anything dodgey? You look at dog food for example. They use some of the most hidious stuff that should not be given to any specieies whatsoever (if its to humans then then its okay!), yet labelling in such they are able to get away with it. How do you know something dodgey is not going on people are able to use loopholes and claim to be organic? The best solution is grow your own, don't waste 30 quid on something that with a different label goes for a tenner.

Becca Jane said...

I used to get these when I lived in Ottawa.. so great! It was always so exciting to see what was included and figure out fun recipes to try.