January 01, 2010

Hello 2010!

photo credit: flickr user d_hawkey

2010 has finally arrived and here I am, resolving to do it differently, just like I do every year. I've been reading the resolutions and goals of others, and what puts me off of the idea is the insatiable optimism with which these posts are written. 2010 is going to be the best yet! New Year, New Me! etc. etc.

While it is weird to write a new date, shuffling the zero's around in new and unfamiliar ways and though a change of the date is an opportunity to make efforts towards real change, I'm a little leery of the whole thing. I've resolved to do things before, setting 01 as the starting gate but the reality of slogging through time rears it's ugly head and the fact that the baggage I carry doesn't miraculously disappear with a new year has stopped my best intentions at inception.

That's life though, I think. We all have baggage to deal with. And in saying all that, I'm still going to write down a few things I'd like to get done this year:

1) Improve overall health - this is purposely vague because it encompasses a lot of things, not least of which is the goal to floss every day.

2) Read more - um. This is kind of vague too. I'll have to flesh these out in the coming days. Another goal!

3) Write. Blog. This includes career related articles.

4) Publish - Or at least try.

5) Reconnect with old friends and get out of the house more to meet new ones.

6) Go on a trip - road or otherwise.

7) Attend a lot of concerts - I've been to 4 concerts in my life and this must change.

I think that's it. The first goal is quite big and involves little goals like dropping this pop addiction and eliminating fast food. As well as finding a doctor to get some things figured out and getting jaw surgery...

Anyway, when I think of living the life I want the preceding are all a part of it. Let's see where this takes us. New year, new me!

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