December 11, 2010

Movies of 2010

Needless to say, it's been awhile.

As you may have noticed 2010 is almost done. It was a great year, lots of nice stuff happened. There weren't too many epic life changes, which is a nice break from 2009. My debt is a little smaller, my car rolled over it's 300 000th kilometer and I bought a couch. 2010: Good year.

I haven't, however, watched many movies. I'm pretty sure I've only been in a theatre twice this year, once for Inception and once for The Other Guys.* Am I too busy? Am I too poor? No. But I do have the attention span of a fruit fly (thanks, internet!) and two hours is a long time for a fruit fly.

Christmas/New Year's is coincidentally list making time AND the time of year when I tend to watch movies and discover new music. So, my goal is to watch all the movies from 2010 that other people think are good before the clock strikes midnight.

So far the twitter suggestions have been: (updated with thoughts)

Toy Story 3 - Loved it, of course
The Social Network - Great
The Town - Meh
I Am Love
Winter's Bone - Meh, a bit hoaky.
Never Let Me Go
Catfish - Nothing happens! 
Let Me In (which I'm not going to watch, because I really dislike vampire stuff, always have)

I've also added to the queue, based on my tireless research:

Please Give - Detest. Awful, terrible story.
Get Low
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Am I missing anything? Suggest away! I'll try my darndest to get through most of these before the new year, but I'm not some kind of movie watching super hero**. You understand.

*Realized after posting that I also saw Letter to Juliet because I won tickets.
**Was not successful in watching everything before a completely arbitrary deadline, so I'm still plucking away at it.


Shannon J Skafte said...

where's back swan? or was the a Jan release?

Anonymous said...

You may be surprised by exceptional camera work when you see True Grit. Despite doubts, I fully enjoyed it.