August 08, 2005

Another interview?!?!?

I got another call today for an interview.

It sounds exciting at first, but when I re-read the ad and saw "we respond to all applicants" typed in small letters at the bottom, the shine wore off this recent job prospect.

I'm not really sure what I'd be doing, should I happen to get this job. I thought it was with an organization called Hamilton and Sherwood, but it turns out that they're just a recruiting company. The job description is similar to the Alabama job, working with teens who have emotional and behavioural issues. It sounds like something I could do, though the part where they say "must be able to participate in physical activity" kind of scares me. Go for a hike? Sure no problem! Repell down this mountain without freaking out because you're the role-model? Problem!

I decided a long time ago that it would be a life-goal of mine to never repell down a wall or mountain of any kind, to never bungee jump, or anything else that could be a component of a Fear Factor stunt. I'm just not that kind of girl.

Most water sports are on my list of 'never-do's" too. So the very fact that I could now handle something like canoeing or kayaking seems to be an improvement. But dangling from ropes over precipices,however, may take some work.

I could lie though, to get through the interview process, and then casually throw myself in front of a bus to avoid any activites I don't wanna do.

Things are going to get busy in a week. There'll be interviews, events I don't really want to go to but will probably enjoy nonetheless, and figuring out plans for the immediate future. The plans however, are hinged on the success of the interviews.

I'm still being a bad diabetic. I haven't really been convinced of this disease I seem to qualify for. I have no symptoms, other than weird heart things when I drink pop. I haven't seen the doctor since February, and he didn't really seem all that concerned at the time either. Cutting out sugar for a few months didn't change , but I wouldn't have any proof either way since I missed the dietician clinic thing because I was flying far, far away the next day.

I'd take a trip to a foreign country over discussing my old people condition with other old people any day. Heck, I'd take just about anything over that.

Well, except repelling.

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Shannon said...

That is great - Another Interview!!
where would this job be?
I love ya!!