August 08, 2005

Under Pressure

With Livejournal, I would update every day at least once, if not a few times. But now I'm finding it difficult to come up with anything worth while. My days are so monotonous that there's not really anything worth addding to the blogosphere.

I think it's the pressure.

Before I could just type up any ol' thing and be perfectly satisfied, but a blog seems more important. It's like the fancy journal you get for your birthday that you never use because it's too fancy and your handwriting could never live up to the impossible standards demanded by such a perfect, fancy journal. Heck, it doesn't even have lines!

But in the end, it's just a journal and scheming siblings are the only one's who might ever even possibly read it. Except I hope my scheming siblings never find this, only perfect strangers and friends, thank-you!

I'm still working on a few things with the layout. I don't know anything about programming or template stuff, so I'm just copying and pasting things that look good and hoping for the best. I'm not sure about the sidebar, it looks a little over-zealous. That "currently recommend" junk looks silly, and I don't even really recommend that stuff, it's just what I'm currently reading or listening to.

I made french toast today. It was good until I realized it wasn't fully cooked which is about the same time my gag reflex kicked into high gear. It took some convincing but I managed to keep 'er down. mmm, mushy cinnamon bread with eggs, my favorite. The flavour was fine it was just the texture of slimy grossness that really got to me.

Speaking of slimy grossness, I have to get in the shower before ma gets home. I'm hoping to head down to the
buskers tonight and maybe even pick up a book at the library!

That's me alright, living life to it's fullest.

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