August 31, 2005

I am moving to Alabama. I am moving? To Alabama? I am MOVING!!! To ALABAMA?!?!?!?!

I think that post title describes my current mental state pretty accurately.

Today I received a call, an email and another call from Three Springs. The email began, "We would love to have you at Three Springs!". So I guess that means I made the team.

The next step is figuring out this visa stuff, which will fortunately be rather painless thanks to a handy part of the NAFTA agreement which allows Canadian citizens to go to the US and work in a professional Social Work area. The only requirement is a BA in Psychology, Sociology, or Child Development.

Pooh on you, is what I say to all those who thought a soc degree would never be of any use. At least NAFTA thinks I'm cool.

But I digress. I guess Alabama really does want me. Turns out that there's another girl from Dartmouth going. She's leaving September 16th, and I could potentially go with her.

The 16th is only two weeks away, and that very suddenly seems suddenly very close. I was kind of a mess when there was no date mentionned and it seemed very far off. Now I could mark a circle around a square on the calendar and actually watch the days move toward it. Eek!

The other detail is transportation. I don't actually know how I'm going to get there, other than the possibility of car pooling with the other girl. My preferred plan is to acquire some wheels myself and make the trek down... I should be able to do that once I get the confirmation of employment letter they're mailing to me as we speak.

Holy Schitzu, I'm actually going to move to Alabama... I think I'm going to have to repeat that to myself another million times and then maybe it'll sink in.

But I doubt it.


Shannon said...



AAAAAHHH That is AWESOME.... how great.. only the 16th doesn't give you a lot fo time to spend with me... sigh... i'm so gitty - - - happy - - - Excited. Sigh you're growing up and leaving... I'm going to miss you so friggin much - but I'm so happy for you it's going to be so wonderful.


ok Ciao

Jeff said...

"At least NAFTA thinks I'm cool"

I loved that! LOL


Anonymous said...

What the frig, thats so weird, now we really are all moving on with life. I am uber excited for you, and jealous, you will have an awesome time, and will be awesome at your job. I am gonna miss you though, but wanna come visit sometime.
Love ya,

Mona said...

I'm from Birmingham .... People usually move out not in.

But it looks like it's a job you really want. Congratulations.

reojames said...

List of things to do when you get to Alabama...
1. Find the local radio station that Rick & Bubba is on.
2. Apply AUBURN sticker to rear window.
3. Everything else you need to do.

Anonymous said...

you might want to call and make sure the college still exists after the Hurricane. Just a thought of course

tanya said...

Colleges still exist - be prepared for culture shock!

Evelyn said...

They do exist... where I'm going to work is in N. Alabama and they just got a lot of wind and rain.

Andrew said...

Congratulazione! I must say I really enjoy your photos. You should go into fotografia.

Kaira said...

Nice post.