August 12, 2005

New Obsession

I found a new obsession. Her name... is Diana.

I discovered Diana one day as I was lazily clicking around
Flickr. The photos were intriguing so I googled her, and discovered a whole new world that I never knew existed. Apparantly, Diana cameras were cheap, and plastic, often used as promotional gifts for companies, in goody bags, and were sold at convenience store check-outs.

Diana takes really interesting pictures. They have this ethereal look to them, almost dreamlike. The picture has a quality that looks like it could have been taken decades ago, even if it was yesterday.

I didn't want to post any, for fear of copyright issues, but you should look it up. Try for starters...

The Diana cameras and assorted knock-offs are still available and are quite cheap on ebay, though the film (120) can be rather pricey. I think I'm going to order one once I get a job, and hopefully take a photography class to learn how to develop my own film.

This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship (or was it relationship? I can't remember)

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