August 21, 2005

So much to say, so little time

It's been 4 days guys. That's like, forever in internet time! I have a few things ruminating in my mind that I want to post about, but I think I should save those things for a time of mental drought.

So, I went in for my interview on Wednesday, and as per usual the nerves were unnecessary. The guy was nice, though kind of bizarre. The first part of the interview was just an information session, with a short (though pointless) video and a whole lot of bizarre guy talking...

After we're been told everything we could ever possibly need to know, buddy asks if we're still interested and if we'd like to continue on with a personal interview. Ummm, yes? The other guy left because he thought it didn't pay well enough, but since my goals aren't that lofty at the moment I decided to stay. That and I arrived at the interview convinced that there was nothing ever in the entire world that I could ever possibly even conceive of doing, for at least the immediate future.

So we move on to the personal interview, where he asks me questions and then quickly answers them for me. He swears at me to see "how I'd handle it". I think I'd handle a kid swearing at me better than the guy who's interviewing me for the job. What should I say, "That was fine? Can I have some more?". Weird and awkward.

Anywho, the long and the short of it is that I will probably be moving to Alabama sometime in the next two months. I find out for sure on Monday.

I'll let you know how I feel about it once my brain realizes what's happening.


Anonymous said...

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Shannon said...

Unlike the Low Cholesterol Blogger - Weird - I'd like to say tha tI'm glad converge went well... and Frig i love ya! and Even though i won't get to see you at all or very little - I hope you get this job - because you would be so amazing at it - and God will really use you there.
I love you Ev'y!!

And I'm a total Sap... I hate to see best friend move so far... sigh. I'll get over it, but you better come visit!!

Becca said...

So is this the mysterious no one will tell me what this job is job? Or do you know a bit more about it now? I hope you get it if you think you can handle living among Billy-Jean, Billy-Ray and Billy-Bob down in sweet home Alabama! I think it'll be a neat experience for you anyway!

Anonymous said...

WOOT! I was just looking for a good low cholesterol foods site! Well I guess it's my lucky day!

Holl :P