August 21, 2005

Dear Rolling Stones,

Hey Mick! How's life? I see you're still touring you, sly dog you. Not only are you touring, you've even decided to grace the little ol' city of Moncton with your presence.

We're thrilled, honestly.

Here's the problem. You're famous, and as such, the little city of Moncton (and the rest of the maritimes), have gone quite mad. You dominate conversation, your purchases at a local gas station make headline news, you close roads and trap people in their homes for hours. We've been ignored by famous people for so long, that when you finally pay us attention we just don't know how to handle it!

Here's the point. I'm a part of a little organization called Atlantic Baptist Youth. We decided a year ago to hold an event for young adults. It is called Converge and happened this weekend. Unfortunately, you decide to roll into town a few weeks later.

Where's the connection, you ask? Well you see. Famous people need a big stage. Big stages take a lot of work. Several bulldozers, in fact, are required to construct that very big stage. And naturally, since you're so famous, you outweigh any little Baptist group. So if you need a big stage, you get your big stage. And we, the little people just have to deal.

I just wanted to say that even though the city regretted booking us in, and really didn't want us there, and even though our music was accented by the constant presence of several bulldozers in the background, and even though we had to move our venue and pack up early. Even though we had all these inconveniences because you're famous and we're not, even though we didn't bring in the great crowds or make that much money... Despite all those things, we still had an awesome time.

Besides, Converge can only get bigger and better. Who knows how big a stage we'll need in twenty years?

Yours Truly,

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Becca said...

You tell him Evelyn.

P.S. I get to hear the stones for free cause they're playing so close to ABU.. actually to be quite honest I'm more looking forward to the openers, Maroon 5, OLP and the Hip, but hey, Mick doesn't have to know!