September 06, 2005

Throw Your Hands Up At Me

Independence baby, I'm almost there! In just a few finger-countable days I'll be heading south with nothing but potential lining my pockets and aspiration on my feet.

I didn't really get that either...

Anyhow! Soon these wings shall fly from this nest to a far away land where the people have funny accents and the local delicacy is something called "grits". I've only read about it in books, and it sounds more like something you'd get stuck in your teeth after eating fresh produce, but whatevah!

Today the superintendent of our building was bringing some people through to take a gander. Since I decided to fly the coop mom has decided to downsize and will be moving to a one-bedroom in a month. To kill the time (since I hate being in the place when people are touring through it, call me silly but I do) so I decided to head on down to my local Zellers and spend my hard earned money on a new pair of shoes.

OK, the money wasn't hard earned although I did have to put in several moments of awkward conversation with my father to get the money (awkward because it was a conversation with my dad, not because money was involved). And I bought a litre of ice cream too.

Not very responsible or independent at all, actually. But as I was walking back home, the thought struck me that soon I will be independent, if not by choice then by geography. I'll have a job that can sustain me AND pay the bills all at the same time. In the past it's been a delicate balance of how long can I go on day-old bread and tuna to keep the credit card people from harrassing me. But not anymore! As long as I don't get stupid, I should be just fine.

And I'll have to buy a car! How independent is that!

What? These things cost money? I have $40000 in debt that I'll have to start paying in November that's gathering interest as we speak? I'll have thousands of dollars in dental bills? Your mom wears army boots? What? Sorry, my fingers are in my ears and I'm. Not. Listening! Lalalalalalalalalalala


richmanwisco said...

You'll like grits, especially with butter. And the fried chicken. And the barbeque. And you don't buy ice cream in liters down here. It's quarts. At least we drive on the right side of the road.

Becca said...

Evelyn - Can I just say that I think you are so brave to be going so far away?? I think it's fantastic though - what an experience that will be! I look forward to hearing your written commentary regarding the adventures of Alabama