October 03, 2005

If Diet Coke were Bud Light

I'd be drunk.

The problem is I'll think of all these things to blog and then when I actually get a chance to do it I get all excited and forget everything. As the locals would say, "gaaawwww-lly".

I love my job. Have I mentionned that? It's going to be tough and frustrating, but there are good sides. I hope. Maybe the good sides are small, but they're good nonetheless. I'd definitely rather be doing this than selling something I'd never use.

And why do I always think nonetheless is one word? Who taught me that?

We started actually training today. Last week we were just shadow shifting and now we're sitting in classes all day learning about policy, etc... Oh don't you wish you were me.

I'd love to take this oppurtunity to reply to your comments, but I closed that window and can't remember what anyone said... So to give the Sunday school answer, "Jesus".

One thing I'm discovering that I hate about my chosen profession (tee hee, I have one of those now), is the assumption that a kid is crazy because of a chemical imbalance. Maybe, and just maybe, this kid is wacko because lots of bad things happened to her. Just a guess.

Treating the symptoms not the cause. It's annoying and I'm going to stop it single-handedly. Wish me luck.

So the girl I drove down here with, Consuelo, is driving me nuts. Last time I had a job it was with God's gift to customer service, now it's God's gift to whatever the heck it is I'm doing now. It's awesome really... If only I had someone to micro manage me all the time it'd be perfect.

Oh yeah, I do. Because I live with her too. Lucky me.

What else to say, what else to say! Nothing I guess since I need a minute to check up on y'alls (yes, y'alls) blogs. I need to get me a car, so I didn't have to depend on other people (*cough* consuelo *cough* to get places).

Namaste my friends. And please keep keeping in touch, it makes my night.

Y'all come back now, ya here. (OK no one says that, but it's all I could think of)


Shannon said...

Hey Ev'y

I'm so glad that the training is so exciting! so wonderful!

So whats out there for cars? are they super cheap - if you're talking about american money...

Life is going well... School is still pretty hectic, I'm getting used to teh eary mornings, the crazt questions, and the bratty kids...


it's all good.


Emily said...

Nonetheless is one word-- and what a great word it is at that!!

I love reading your blogs, you're so entertaining!
Anyways.. good luck getting a car !