October 05, 2005

I'm putting the voices in my head on non-comm

Long day. Very long day.

Boring training. Frustrated kids. Didn't get to bed on time which means getting up at 4:30 am. Yes, that's an am after that 4:30...

I learned a new phrase today. It goes a little something like this,"Gaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwttt daaawwwwwgg!". Except you don't really pronounce the t and the g at the end of those words...

I had to clarify with a few girls to make sure I wasn't cussing (as they say round these parts). But I am in fact saying "Got dog". Heaven only knows what it means, but it sounds good so I'm keeping it. That and "dad blame". It also means nothing specific. Just some syllables that sound better than swearing.

Anywho I gotta jet. It's an early morning tomorrow!

At least it's not so dad blame hot! Gaaaaaawwwwt dddaaaaaaawwwwwwg but don't the heat get to you!


Anonymous said...

I miss you a lot, but reading this journal everyday makes me feel close to you!!!!!

I am super jaelous you get to hang out with real cowboys and country folk, its cool.
And my mom loves Dwight Yokam, she would have gone if she had of been you...me, not so much!
Love ya,
B & baby HG

Anonymous said...

oh and jealous is spelled wrong.... just so I know... :P

Shannon said...

Hey Ev'y
Love ya!

this is great - you are improving your vocabulary



Holly said...

Wow Ev, dad blame it, we miss ya. Keep a writin'. Ya'll come back now.

Becca said...

Who knew one could actually sound more intellectual and well educated after such a short time in Sweet Home Alabama.
You're doing us proud Evelyn