October 08, 2005


Thank heavens for roomates with laptops and people who don't block their wireless internet.

It's Thanksgiving. Which means that you are all getting ready for big meals with your families. Watching the leaves change colour. Going home from school.

Me? I'm here in Alabama. Watching the temperature finally make the long descent down into tolerable. Wishing the leaves to at least feign fall colours. Getting a long weekend off work. Disappointed that I can't go anywhere or do anything.

Fall is my favorite time of year. They don't have fall here...

I need a car. I got my first pay check on Friday, but it's only for a week of work so I'm only able to get some of the basic stuff I need (new sneakers, because the $20 sneakers I bought at Zellers didn't make it past two weeks of work... yeah, we walk a lot), and maybe hopefully put something away towards a car.

Yes ma'ams, that means my outstanding Canadian debts will be paid in full during the next pay period. I have to figure out how to right a check in Canadian funds from an American bank account (although I don't have an American bank account yet, but that's another story). I think I just buy money orders.

Let me just tell you that it is quite a thrill to be figuring out what you owe and recalling that all of that is in Canadian funds and you're paid in American. So what if the exchange is bad!

Anywho, will someone please post some fall foliage picks? I misses it!

We're off to the super-walmart, and may even hit the super-target. Everything is just so darn super down here!

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Becca said...

Evelyn - I will definitely make sure that some fall foliage pictures are taken and posted for your enjoyment.

Amazing that you'll be all paid off so soon! What a good feeling! Congrats.