October 29, 2005

Old Hallow's Eve

Hi guys! Hi!

Not much going on in the land of coton these days. I've finally finished training, and have now graduated to Counsellor 1. There's a pay raise when you get to Counsellor 2, so I'm going to do everything in my power to qualify for that once my 90 day probation period is over.

My first solo shift is on Tuesday, the day when we split the now functionning group of girls into two groups. DYS (department of youth services) isn't sending us enough kids at once to start a new group from scratch, but because they're sending us one kid which would put our group up to 14, we're splitting them up.

It is going to suck.

But at least I get to go in with a bang!

Tonight I'll be going to a little Three Springs Halloween party. I unfortunately didn't hear about it until today, and I couldn't get anywhere to find a costume. So, I'll be carrying a squirt gun and going as A Chance of Rain.

Give me a break, it's all I could think of.

Dad was supposed to be coming through Hunstville today, but his truck broke down in Knoxville, TN. He'll be through sometime tomorrow or monday, which will be lovely, because I'm hungry and he'll get me some food.

I saw my first Black Widow spider... It was kind of scary, especially since I had just watched Arachnaphobia the night before. Squishing it with a big rock was very theraputic.

And if I haven't mentionned it already, it's getting pretty chilly here. In the mornings at 5 am it's usually somewhere around 38 degrees. It's a different kind of cold too, because of the humidity. I'm going to invest in some long john's next weekend...

I hope everyone is having a splendiforous holiday weekend, let me know how y'all are!!


richmanwisco said...

Most entertaining! Leave it to canadians to characterize the cold much as we characterize the heat. It's not the cold that gets you, it's the humidity!

Shannon said...

HAppy Hallowe'en
Things are going ok - I miss you though... a lot...

I'm glad to hear taht you are still alive... I hope that things are getting to be - well fun.

Love ya!!


Holly said...

AH! Black widows??? Ewwwwwww that's scary. The non-threatening ones are scary enough! Was it in your room? OMG!
I miss you! I'm thinking of sending you something, but I don't know what... Maybe some pictures of me will just make your day!

Shannon said...

Holly - thanks for reminding me - you need to email me your mailing addy - i think i lost it!!

let me know - but not on here where the crazies coudl find it.

Love you Ev'y