November 03, 2005

What time it is?

One of my goals is to teach these girls how to speak properly. What time it is? Where that is? Who that is?

It drives me coo-coo.

That and no one can remember my name. I am now: Ms. Umm. Nice to meet you.

I just finished my first solo shift. They split the group in two, and I was a little disappointed that the other group got all the good leader types and I got the less than cooperative ladies, but so far things have been going quite well.

It's cotton time here in the Tennessee Valley, and the highways were lined with the flyaway cotton balls from the hundreds of trucks passing every by every day.

I've never seen cotton plants before, it's rather pretty. I'd like to get a closer look at the plants but haven't had a chance.

The fall is surprisingly beautiful here. I didn't think the trees would change as much as they have. The colour is different though, a more dusty rusty theme. There is still lots of wildlife around, we see several deer every night.

The girls have to wear an orange vest now so that we don't get confused as deer by the hunters.

I go back to work tomorrow for a four day shift. My co-counsellor will be there this weekend though, so it won't be so much on my shoulders. The weekends are usually the toughest, they have more free time because there's no school. They tend to riot on Sunday's.

Note to self: Compromise and graciousness is weakness. Now that there's two groups we've had to share and compromise a bit. They hate that.

I'm going to show them some veggietales and see how they react to that. Ha!

Tomorrow is payday. As soon as I get a social security number I can start seriously looking for a car. And je suis excited!


Shannon said...

Oh Ev'y - I miss you, your wit, your smile... sigh... swoon.


How are you doing? not what's going on, not what's happening at work... how are you?

Becca said...

I bet veggietales will be a hit! Good on ya!