December 22, 2005

Merry Christmas to All!

This will likely be my last post before Christmas as I'm going off-shift tomorrow and then heading to Tennessee! Yippee!!

I was very discouraged to find that my name had been put on the schedule for the 26th, a day I had orignally booked off and meaning I would have to leave Tennessee Christmas Day. But where I wasn't asked to work that day, and I'm already scheduled in for the required 18 days, and where I need a break to conserve my fledgling sanity, I will not be coming in to work on the 26th. I've talked to a couple of supervisors and they all agreed with me, butthe one person who does the schedule is a little difficult to communicate with and I'm a little worried about what she's going to say.

Doesn't matter. I won't be here.

Things are starting to get better here in Paint Rock Valley. The kids are still crazy but at least I'm not on their hate side anymore. They've shifted that on to other staff... they are unable to take responsibility for their actions. Which means that they'll be in programs and facilities like this for a long time.

"I threw the computer monitor on the floor because of you."

Right... and how's that working for you?

Anywho, I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! I'll be home during the day tomorrow if you'd like to give me a call! (Shannon, you did call at a good time... good in that I was in town, bad in that I had rented a car and was out shopping, sorry, but thanks for leaving a message!!!)

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

your friend and mine,
Evelyn :)


richmanwisco said...

Have a Merry and Happy Christmas. May you receive everything you wish for.

Emily said...


What's Christmas like in Tennessee? For some reason I think of Christmas music with a country twang.
anywho! Have a very Merry Christmas!! I hope you get some snow!!!
God Bless- love Andrew, Emily, and Baby

Shannon said...

I Love you... If I can get to a phone (I'm at the inlaws) I'll call you tomorrow. only I forgot your phone number... so you need to email me it again -

Love you Hun!!! and I miss you so friggin much..
in fact I miss everyone so much.. .
you shouodl come home - and arrange it so that it's when Emmie and Andrew can come to the maritimes... and we'll hacve a party at my place.

love you!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas Evelyn!!

Enjoy your holidays in the south,...! :)