January 29, 2006

Another One Bites the Dust, Again

Two more on the Choices alumni list.

Actually, it's probably three since the last time I updated the turnover rate here at Three Springs Choices - Paint Rock Valley Outdoor Theraputic Wilderness Program.

A couple more counsellors have moved on to greener pastures. One had been here about 5 months, the other about a year. Oh, and Ms. P, the lady I drove down with? She's jumped programs and will be a supervisor over at the long term girls program, and has been here 4 months (same as me).

They have meetings every now and again, discussing staff retention. They've had several, I'm sure, since I've been here. But nothing has changed really, or at all, other than more staff have quit and they've had more meetings. No one has talked to us about why we're quitting so quickly. Correction, they do talk to us, but only after the resignation letter has been turned in.

It's kind of romantic, working at a place called Paint Rock Valley. You'd think there'd be painted rocks around or something, but I've yet to see any. It's be shockingly warm as well. T-shirt weather in January... I think winter lasted about 2 weeks, though it does still get a little chilly at night.

I believe that this is quite possibly one of the most bizarre places one could choose to work. Who does this kind of thing? I mean really... outdoors in cold or heat, whiny, violent children, no time off, little pay. How does this make sense! And the real kicker for me is that I don't really feel that I'm making too much of a difference.

Anyway, enough complaining for one evening, my mental break-down was this morning so I've run out of things to say. Then again, since all I do is shop and work, I really have nothing to say!

Being far from home has made me appreciate what I have much more. Sure, my family and everyone in it is crazy, but it's my kind of crazy. I miss having good friends with whom I can have carefree conversations about anything and everything under the sun. I know that it's not going to be the same when I get back or anything, but it'll be closer to my vision of whatlife is like.

They have signs up around the office here, "What is your vision?". My vision is being a community service worker in the arctic. That would be awesome. Yeah, yeah, but Evelyn! That's still far away! It's a different far away, and it's far away from the south and their sheltered mindset and enculturated religion (another topic for another day).

Side note: Recent patriotic bumper stickers - "Does my flag offend you? Call 1-800-Leave-USA", and my personal fav, "Who would Jesus bomb?"

Cultural Observation: The bigger the vehicle, the more patriotic the bumper sticker. And people drive some big stinking vehicles around here.

What else to say... Ms Gormley (co-worker from PEI) were both born on July 15th. This year when we're both back safe in Halifax (or thereabouts) we're going to get together for old times sake and complain about our job.

Oh yeah, and since my vision is to be some kind of community service worker in a far off place, I have to think to myself, then what am I doing? This is followed by, I need to use my brain again. So the plan is to take a course or two at Dal this year in International Relief and Development and see where it leads me. Who knows! Perhaps I have gotten over whatever it is that blocked my GPA from attaining any great heights.

Must go, I have paper work to do and children to save from the ills of society. Unless.... are they the ills of society? Nah, that's far too pessimistic...

Bon nuit.

P.S. Dear Ruth: I'm going to the valley in the week that I'm home, so we'll have to meet up sometime. I'll send you the details of when and all that. Can't wait! Dear Moncton: I'm also visiting y'all which I'm insanely excited about. Dear Shannon: I'm sorry, I won't be able to make it to Truro. Just kidding! Or am I?


Holly said...

Dear Moncton? Me and Brandy don't even get mentioned, it's just dear Moncton?? :( How rude!

Can't wait to see you!

Anonymous said...

The GPA block?? Totally gone my dear. Completely and totally gone!!!!!


Shannon said...



not funny at all - in fact it hurts, and i mean deep hurt...


Anonymous said...

It has arrived!!!! White outs, closed roads, blizzard conditions, schools closed, bus system shut down, stores closed (even the micmac mall), dangerous road conditions and I can feel it ever so slowly but it is starting...the infamous cabin fever...oh yes it has begun!!!!!!

SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!!


Shannon said...

I love the SnOw DaY!!!!

Ruth said...

Hey Ev'y, I just realized that the week you're coming to the Maritimes is the same week as my break, so I won't be in the valley if you try to come visit me there. But, let me know when you're heading to Moncton, and I may be able to swing by and see you there!
Hang in there.