February 07, 2006

A long day's journey into night

It's been a while, hasn't it?

Here's what I've decided. There's a job in Truro that I qualify for, and should (God willing) be able to get it. It's doing pretty much what I'm doing now, except in Canada, casual shifts, pays more and it's inside.

Pretty much everything that would make this job perfect.

Anywho. The thing is, I could also stay here and I would be a supervisor within the next few months. The other thing is, my life would be exactly the same as it is now. I can see what the future will bring if I stay here, and I just really don't like it.

I want to do more than be married to my job, and constantly frustrated that I'm not actually helping anyone. And even though I have been known to bicker a lot with my siblings, I'd like our relationship to be more than a phone call every couple of months. Savvy?

The more I think about it, the more appealing it sounds. And knowing that I'm leaving soonish actually helps motivate me to do my job well.

It snowed here this morning. Big chunks of slushy mushy goo fell from the sky, and they called it snow... It melted as soon as it hit the ground and there wasn't enough of it to prevent me from coming in to work this morning.

Highly overrated.

Speaking of not highly overrated. I'm reading "Blue Highways" by William Least Heat Moon. Weird name, amazing book. I recommend it completely to anyone. It's about a man who goes on a road trip around the US. Use of language is languagey. Imagery is imagery-y. It's just splendid. I picked it up at my local Three Springs School library, next to a copy of the Colour Purple.

I had something to say about racism and how people here are. But I have forgotten it, so imagine that it was witty and eloquent, and that you came away with a new sense of self.

And again, like always, I have to go to bed. 5 am does not arrive lightly, and juvenile delinquents must be awoken before the crack of dawn or else they will continue to harrass whatever society they came from.

At least... that's the theory we're going on.

Good night and good luck.


Shannon said...


1) it's a good job - read about it - it's really a good one - I read about it -

2) you're in Candad

3) it's central ao visiting friends is pretty easy

4) you would be able to have a life!!!

5) I'd get to see you more!

AitchJay said...

Every job I have been on the verge of leaving due to boredom or whatever, has always become more enjoyable, hence my discovery of the phrase;
everything temporary is enjoyable.
when you know it's finite, it's harder to care as much.
I have also moved both away from, and towards friends, and find that the ones still with you after it all were worth keeping.
It sounds like a platitude, but it comes from experience.
Which also sounds like a platitude.. *disappears up own arse*
Hope you're happy, however it turns out.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing happened at work yesterday. I met a gentleman who sits on the development board in Truro. He says that the development board can help you find a job and an apartment because there's this big thing on to get people to come back to Truro for all the reasons that Shannon said. I'll get the contact info for you.

Nice to hear you be happy.


Holly!!! said...

Okay, so Shannon wants you to move to Truro. Mom wants you to move to Truro. But more importantly, I want you to move to Truro.
When would you be starting in Truro?
There are nice, pretty statues in Truro.
I think you will love Truro.
So move to Truro.

Emily said...

I also think that you should move to Truro. Not so much for Truro's sake, but for ours. Plus it's fun to say....Truro...

Ruth said...

I would have to agree with the general consensus. Get a job in Truro. Although any job is going to be difficult, at least if you were in the Maritimes you'd have people who care about you close by. That may make a difference for you.
And, as Emily has so eloquently declared, it's fun to say Truro.

I miss all you girls!! Wish we could have a girls' night, like we used to.

richmanwisco said...

It's been fascinating to watch a young person learning life's lessons. I think you've done an excellent job evaluating your own situation and how to deal with it. Don't hit yourself too hard for taking the job; many employers sugar coat their operation to make it attractive to unwitting prospects. Believe me, it happened to me. You're on a sinking ship, being a supervisor is not going to make it any better, because you're not learning in a healthy environment. Beside, you will be a supervisor somewhere, someday. If the Truro job is more stable and offers better DEVELOPMENT, then take it.

Shannon said...

Silly Ruthie that is what you're wedding is going to be for... a great get-together. well that and you're big day - you knowk where you get to be a princess... hee hee hee hee hee

Oh Ev'y you've heard from us - and we are much more important than some silly Alabama... sheesh :D

love ya