January 05, 2006

Jump Ship

The program director quit today.

Not a surprise really. I believe I called this one a week or two ago. Things are not well here at Three Springs Choices. It makes me think,if all of these upper level folks who have been here for a while are quitting, then why the heckam I sticking around? I honestly don't know how much longer this place can keep running.

Another counsellor and I are thinking of starting a pool to see who'll quit next and when. There's basically no support for counsellors now. All the supervisers are covering groups, so we're stuck with the "special projects" guys who are so far removed from daily life here that they don't really help out with a whole lot.

It's a bizarre place to work... really...

I'm going to move to England next. I think more people would be eagre to visit me there than Alabama. Who moves to Alabama anyway?

So let's see who's quit in the three months since I've been here. Two Unit directors, three counsellors, one staff assistant, and the program director. How many staff have they hired since I've been here? One counsellor... you can see where the problem arises.

I want to travel around a bit more. I'm going to try and convince Natasha (the new counsellor, from PEI, very nice, we'll likely quit at the same time so that I'll have a ride home), to travel some more with me on the off-shifts we have together. Birmingham, Nashville, Memphis, Atlanta, Montgomery... these are all places I need to see!

My medical benefits kicked in today. I'm excited. I have vision coverage too, so that means one free set of frames every 2 years. Since I'm only going to be here a few more months, I think I'm going to have to take them up on that!

And in conclusion boys and girls, if you are reading my blog today, would you mind commenting? I'd just like to get an idea of who is out there for my own curiousity.

Auf weiterzein... or something like that.


Barbara said...

Hello Evelyn,
i'm out here. Here's an addition to the odd things one hears in passing. Jordan Knight, formerly of new kids on the block is going to be performing at the New Palace in Halifax. New Kids On the Block at the Palace. Now that's funny


Anonymous said...

vote by mail, I did it last time. I think there might still me enough time.....

although I am not 100% sure. I can't find anything that says a date on it....

Shannon said...

I'm here... I promise.. well right now i'm a little out of it - but here nonetheless.

NKTOB - Oh man... Barb we should go!!! Oh evelyn what better reason to come home - not your mom, not me, not your other friends... nope for the NKOTB!!


Well Ev'y I Love you, but you already knew that - and Expect a call tomorrow - is 7 am (my time) too early?? aha


Ruth said...

Hey Ev, I'm out there! I always read your blog, I just never comment. Not sure why. But anywho, I still like you! Wish you weren't so far away. I miss getting together with all the girls. It gets quite lonely in the Valley. Are you going to be in the Maritimes in August? Or more specifically, in Miramichi on August 12th?
I wish you well with your job. And I agree, you can only stay at a job like that for so long. Too much stress. I hope you find something better.


Ruth said...

Oh, btw, check this out. There's not much on it yet, but it's still cool.

Emily said...

Hi Evelyn! I'm here.. I read, almost religiously in fact.
If you come home in August you can see my baby at Ruth's wedding!!

richmanwisco said...

Hi Evelyn-
Still reading....your assessment sounds accurate, unfortunately. Keep that resume polished. In fact, don't hesitate to start sending it out. In the meantime, hang in there, and make the best of it.

Emily said...

I saw somewhere today.....register online before January 17th... and you can vote!! Do it!!
just don't vote liberal. kidding. only not.

Anonymous said...

I am definitely here....i check every day. when do you come back?
for the record i would much rather visit alabama than england.....hello the concerts you can go to... tim mcgraw, paul brandt faith hill, brad paisley, dierks bently.... come on man...
love ya,
miss ya,
p.s. ts all in lower case cause i am holding a squirmy baby in the other :P

Becca said...

Hey Ev - sounds like you're pretty stranded, keep that chin up and hey, maybe they'll hire someone soon. or not. Let me know who win's the pool.

Also - vote! but in agreement with Emily, Don't vote Liberal!

Sadly, in the leaders debate, I favored Gilles Duceppe as usual, the one who wants to split Canada up is always the most impressive which should tell you something about the three other major parties. I say vote green!

Shannon said...

Vote?? What is this thing you call vote? Where would I find one? Do I need batteries??

love ya'll


Holly said...

FC I'm here too! I haven't been reading blogs a lot lately but I usually check yours often. I can't wait, all this talk about you coming back to the maritimes!! I'm glad to hear you had a great Christmas! Can't wait to read another new post!