January 18, 2006

A Wonderful Day in the Neighbourhood

It's been a wonderful day, how could it get better, you may ask?

Forget it, it's all a facade. I'm constantly amazed at how a day can seem like the worst ever, only to be followed by one of like awfulness.

Observe: I didn't get off work until 3 pm, instead of the scheduled 8 am. I go home expecting a full day and a half of rest. Around noon I hear the phone cring, and though my instincts tell me not to answer, I ignore said instinct and answer.

I'm needed at work, can I be there for 8 pm tonight. Please come, we need you, paid extra, blah blah blah. So instead of two days off, I get approximately 18 hours. They'll be in bed when you get here, you just have to come in and wake up with them in the morning.

Yeah. But I was going to wake up in my bed, and have a shower. Now I'm up at 5 am with whiny kids and get biscuits and pork chops for breakfast.

I get to work and find a letter from Student Loan saying my account is overdue, because they've been taking money out of an account I don't use, and haven't contacted me at my new address that I provided for them...

It's also raining cats and dogs and the river between here and home is going to flood tomorrow night, trapping all of us here for at least another day, potentially.

I don't care, I can doggy paddle, and I. Will. Be. Going. Home.

I've also heard from two senior staff that they've discovered how much the kids really despise me. That's reassuring. They say though that if they hate me I must be doing something right.

That may be true, and though I don't take it personally, being threatened and cussed at every day from 3 and a half months kind of wears on a person.

Should I have moved here in the first place? Is this where I was supposed to go? I have no idea... I'll never know. I think I've changed a little since I've been here. Less patient, more disciplined, more insane, less idealistic. And I've come to appreciate my time more.

My dream job now is one where I get to go home everyday.

How am I going to explain what this place is like? How is a future employer going to know that I can indeed handle challenges and conflict, because that's all I ever do these days? I should just say I worked at a summer camp, it's easier.



Shannon said...

Oh Ev'y
I love you.
and I miss you
and I know I say it all the Time

and I know that you are one of the strongest people I know. You have the patience of, well I don't know who... I guess you have the Patience of Ev'y. I'm so Proud of you, and how you took the oportunity to leave... you just went, took a step of faith, and landed in a place where you were needed...

I really think that if anything this period of time has shown you how strong you are. Don't go and get all heroic on us - Don't let yourself worn down and come home a pile of mush... but know that you are very strong.

love you


Emily said...

And I wouldn't recommed trying to swim across the river or you might never make it home (Canada home I mean).
You know... years from now when you look back on this experience you are going to realize that it was some pretty intense character building.
And hey... be thankful that you didn't sign a one year contract!

I like you. I'm sorry that the rebellious teenagers don't.